Printed Business Directories

Printed Business & Leisure Directories

The printed Lalakoi Business and Leisure Directories allows you to physically put your advertisement in the hands of your next customer

Printed Business Directory

‚ÄčThe 3 annual Lalakoi printed publications are distributed to more than 250 different distribution points in the Garden Route area from Swellendam along the N2 via Mossel Bay and George, through Knysna and all the way to Stormsriver. Distribution is also done in the Oudtshoorn area. Now that totals to a great number of places where your advertisement will be placed physically in the hands of your next customer! Oh and the Lalakoi printed publications are available to the public free of charge!

Why print advertising?

  • People spend longer reviewing physical print media than digital. Average of 15 seconds compared to 43 minutes
  • Printed media raise higher emotional desire for a product
  • Print media creates a subconscious attraction to a product in an advertisement
  • People are able to recall and remember printed media more effectively than the digital platforms after a couple of days or weeks
  • Print adverting is tangible and can be kept and used for longer than for instance a advertisement you scroll past

The benefits of print media extend further than most people think.

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